Desktop and Server Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance helps achieve the continued optimal
operating conditions of PC hardware through the implementation of regularly
scheduled problem-preventative procedures, including:
Scandisk checks
Temporary Internet file deletion
Hard drive defragmentation
Virus Scan checks and updates
Physical cleaning of PCs and servers once a year
Install released and tested patches on servers
Run operating system maintenance programs on servers
Test the backup program by restoring random files on servers

General Scheduled Network Maintenance

General Scheduled Maintenance provides bulk savings for on-site engineering
support at regularly scheduled intervals. While on site, engineers will handle client-
requested server and desktop tasks, as well as provide other preventative
maintenance or problem-solving actions as time allows. General Scheduled
Maintenance helps reduce in-house IT expenditures and costly downtime

Internal and External Security Scans

Security vulnerability assessments of your network provide you with a documented
analysis of your current network protection level, as well as recommendations for
plugging security holes.

What is a Network Health Check?

A Network Health Check is a basic network audit designed to provide you with a
documented analysis of the state of your network infrastructure, as well as
recommendations for improved performance and lower operating costs.

When combined with the Security Heath Check, a Network Health Check provides a
more complete picture of your network issues, as well as specific recommendations
for achieving a more secure, more fluently operating

What will I receive from you?

You will receive a physical network audit and a written report containing:
A diagram of your network infrastructure
Software and hardware inventory, including physical connections
Connectivity and bandwidth usage report
Recommendations for smoother operation
Recommendations for increased productivity
Recommendations for lower operating costs
Recommendations for existing problem solutions

Why should I have a Network Health Check?

You should regularly check the health of your network to detect and diagnose existing problems, find solutions, and prevent future network problems by using the health check as a baseline upon which to plan network upgrades. Regular health checks are important, because even if your network was designed and installed by experts, it is nearly impossible to keep changes and problems from creeping in over time.

A Network Health Check from OSIT will provide recommendations to ensure that
your network:
Is operating in optimal condition
Is operating under the optimal configuration
Is fully documented for easy management and future planning
Is running the latest service packs and hot fixes
Is running up to date virus software
Is as secure as possible


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