MessageIn is a virtual fax machine and voice answering service. Our Partner mBox will assign you a unique telephone number in any one of our locations. This number behaves just like a regular fax machine or message service. When your number receives a telephone call the mBox system figures out if it is a fax or a voice call and answers the call appropriately. Once the call is completed we convert the message and send it to you as an email.

These services are commonly known as fax-to-email and voicemail-to-email.

| MessageIn costs as little as $9.95/month inc GST

| There is no software to install

| Your messages are completely private

| mBox numbers are activated instantly

| You can be up and running within 5 minutes

| Yes, we can port your existing number

The MessageOut service allows you to send faxes, emails, voicemails and SMS messages from any computer connected to the internet.

| There are NO setup or ongoing fees.

| Send Faxes, SMS, Text to Speech, & Voicemails

| No success, No Charge policy

| Create your own personal lists for broadcasting

| Import lists from Excel, Outlook etc.

| You can manage everything yourself!

| Schedule broadcasts anytime of the day or night

| Business and Government lists for marketing and lobbying

| Media Contact Lists for press releases

| Get a job estimate before sending

| Real-time reporting of your broadcast job

| Retry undelivered jobs

| Manage Op-out Recipients

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