A completely computerized (paperless) orthodontic office using OASYS Practice looks something like this: the patient walks into the waiting room and is greeted by an interactive check-in workstation. By touching his name on the screen, the patient alerts the doctor and staff of his presence. His clinical assistant then welcomes him and escorts him to the clinical area. The clinical area consists of an examination chair mounted with a flat-panel touch-screen monitor for inputting and displaying data. After seating the patient, the assistant touches the “Ready” button, notifying the doctor that the patient is ready.

With Oasys Practice, all of your office's scheduling tasks are at your fingertips through our intuitive, interactive screens.

Make patient flow more efficient than ever with automated patient check-in, lighting and patient check-out.

Integrate all your patients' treatment activity into our Treatment Card, Graphical Tooth Chart and Treatment Planner.

Oasys provides customizable imaging solutions to fit the way you work. Whether it is viewing digital X-rays, Cephs, photos, panos or something else, the images you need will e right at your fingertips.

Oasys Practice offers full integration of all accounting tasks–front and back office–and provides a seamless way to manage the business side of your practice.

When it's time for practice management reporting and analysis, our optional Business Intelligence module provides a comprehensive view of your practice.

Our Reports Module includes a wide variety of reports utilizing industry standard accounting principles.

Communication is critical to your success. Whether sending information to patients, doctors, insurance carriers, guarantors or referrals, Oasys Document System has the tools to communicate effectively.

Oasys Practice provides features with interoffice modules.

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